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Modern Engine Control Units

Most of modern engines are now controlled by sophisticated electronic. The computer is called Engine Control Unit (ECU). Adjustments made in memory of this computer may instantly lower fuel consumption and rapidly increase power of the engine and torque. Optimalization is generally possible for all cars equipped with ECU controlled engine.

Chiptuning can:

Additional Control Units

Additional Control Units are designed for diesel and turbo-diesel engines and most modifications are approved by TUV Automotiv Gmbh according to standing EU directives. Power enhancements are within 5% tolerance given by manufacturer for petrol engines and 20% for supercharging engines and therefore can not be dscribed as car alternation. According to our general contract conditions we provide one year waranty for this modification. This modification is common already for several years in Western Europe and hundreds of thousand motorists make use of its adventages. Control units produced by renowned German partner are the highest quality and offer practically unlimited service life.

Chip Installation

Modification increases power and flexibility of your engine without alteration of mechanical parts. And power improvement is not to the prejudice of lifetime, but it's utilizing unused potential for optimizing power usage and torque at all rev levels, improving flexibility and overall characteristics of the engine. And there remains option to return to original chip by removing the additional one or reinstalling the original chip. Additional Control Unit is universal so it is possible to use it for all cars of same brand series (e.g.: Octavia 1.9 SDI/TDI/TDI and even forA3/Golf4/Toledo2 with same settings).

If you are interested in improving power of your car or you have some other questions about this modification, call our INFOLINE +420602813114 Monday-Friday 8am.-6pm.. Mounting additional control unit takes only 30 minutes Modifications of original control units are usually accomplished by replacing which takes up to 60 minutes or in rare situations till the next day. In these occasional cases our technician will find out all data required for programming more powerful chip and will remove control unit. When programming is finished he will install socket and replace chip in control unit (in one day, if arranged in advance this, period may be shortened to few hours) We can do modification at your home, garage or any other suitable place you coose.