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Frequently Asked Questions

I've had my car tuned in tuning garage. Now I have doubts whether my car meets parameters I paid for. Is it somehow possible to check it out?
It's easy. Order measurement on the break stool. Visit you chip tuner with power diagram you obtained and if your engine doesn't meet parameters your chiptuner promised, ask for new modification or your money back.

Can chiptuning damage my engine or shorten its lifetime?
Yes, it is possible. Unprofessional and unqualified modification may damage control unit and even subsequently whole engine. For your sake you should contact estabished tuning garages and avoid suspicious offers of cheap servicing. In case of damaging original inspection data or failure diagnostics your car may sustain heavy damage and require very costly repairs (even several tens of thousand CZK).

The lifetime of engine ma be shortened when tuned over recommended optimal parametres. These modifications are performed only on customer's request and after discussion with our mechanician who explains customer all possible problems. Depending on scale of adjustments and subsequent usage, the longevity of engine may be decreased by 20,000 km. If you are going to have tuned car for rally or any other road race, you should inform the technician. He will advise you how to care about such car.

It seems that chiptuning have got adventages only. So why don't carmanufacturers equip cars with tuned engines?
You could find answer in our introduction to chiptuning. It is simply not possible. When designing engine and programming ECU, carmanufacturers must work with higher tolerances of working conditions. They must find compromise parameters, to meet various demands of customers from different countries. Car must have lowest possible consumption and meet emission limits at the same time. Designer must be also aware of various fuel types, weather coditions and other factors.

Another very important reason are operating expenses. In many countries insurances and taxes are calculated from engine power instead of cubature. Due to these regulations engine control unit is often programmed not to use maximum power of engine. If you are willing to abide regular servicing and accept compromise fuel consumption at the hightest load on the engine, you can utilize unused potential of engine.

Which cars do you tune most often?
In the first place and almost all the time it is Škoda Octavia usually with TDi engines. The second most popular are VW, above all Passat and Bora TDi and 1.8T. Third place belongs to Audi, especially A4 and A6. Last year we also noticed increasing interest in modifications of SEAT, which is now on forth place. Quite often we tune Škoda Fabia (all engines) and TDI PD engines.
Much more rarely we do tuning of Volvo, Mercedes, BMW, Škoda Felicia.